Aparat pentru monitorizare nivelul de Radon atmosferic

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Contoare pentru testarea si analizarea calitatii aerului

Model CNR-05

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Aparat pentru monitorizare nivelul de Radon atmosferic

Caracteristici tehnice

• Gaze detectate: Radon
• Metoda de detectie: detecteaza particule alfa cu senzor tip fotodiode de silicon
• Alogaritm electronic: determina separat radonul, elimina din calcul prezenta radioizotopii Polonium-218 si Polonium-214 care emite radiatii alfa
• Domeniu de masurare: concentratie doze zilnic - saptamanal - anual
• Valorii masurate pe termen scurt: 20% dupa 7 zile 100 cu Bq/m3
• Valori determinate pe termen lung : 10% dupa 30 de zile cu 100 Bq/m3
• Robust si usor de utilizat cu un ecran LCD
• Timp de raspuns: 1 sec. + 1 sec. incarcare
• Dimensiuni 120mm x 69mm x 22.5mm
• Greutate: cu baterie 130 gr
• Alimentare: 3 LR03 (AAA alakaline)
• durata de viata a bateriei: 3 ani
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Portable Radon monitor

Main Features

The CNR-05 radon gas monitor is a state-of-the-art measuring instrument that combines ease of use and performance.
The monitor allows you to take a reading of the radon levels and its LCD screen displays the average daily, weekly and long term concentrations.
Powered by 3 standard AAA batteries, the monitor makes it easy to take measurements from one room to another in order to get an overview of the concentrations of radon in a home, workplace, school, a daycare centre or any other location. The monitor is also an essential tool to use when performing property inspections or when checking the operation of a radon mitigation system.
The internal architecture of the radon monitor comes from advanced technology.
Particular attention has been paid to the quality and protection of the internal components, allowing the use of algorithms for signal analysis that are more sophisticated.
The radon monitor quickly adapts to its environment and eliminates inaccuracies related to external factors, allowing it to obtain the best accuracy in its niche.
The monitor is guaranteed for one year and in normal home use, it requires no annual calibrations throughout its useful life, estimated at over 10 years.



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