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Hartii de filtru din quatz pur

Este confectionata din micro fibre de quartz pur, fara agenti de legare


Hartie filtranta din fibra de quartz
Seria FilterLab MFQ

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Filtre membrane din microfibra de cuart

Quartz microfiber filters


Cod de referinta Gradul de retentie *DOP la 0.3 µm Greutate gr/m² Grosime mm Temperatura maxima °C Forma / Dimensiuni Ambalare
MFQ 025 99.999 85 0.38 900°C disc Ø25 mm cutie / 25 buc
MFQ 037 99.999 85 0.38 900°C disc Ø37 mm cutie / 25 buc
MFQ 047 99.999 85 0.38 900°C disc Ø47 mm cutie / 25 buc
MFQ 055 99.999 85 0.38 900°C disc Ø55 mm cutie / 25 buc
MFQ 070 99.999 85 0.38 900°C disc Ø70 mm cutie / 25 buc
MFQ 090 99.999 85 0.38 900°C disc Ø90 mm cutie / 25 buc
MFQ 100 99.999 85 0.38 900°C disc Ø100 mm cutie / 25 buc
MFQ 110 99.999 85 0.38 900°C disc Ø110 mm cutie / 25 buc
MFQ 125 99.999 85 0.38 900°C disc Ø150 mm cutie / 25 buc
MFQ 150 99.999 85 0.38 900°C disc Ø25 mm cutie / 25 buc
MFQ 203254 99.999 85 0.38 900°C Coli 203 x 254 mm cutie / 25 buc

*Alte diametre marimi sau forme sunt disponibile la cerere

Hartie de filtrare cu fibra de quartz
Fabricate din 100% micro cuartz
Prezinta rezistenta mare impotriva majoritatii solventilor organici si anorganici, acizilor (mai putin acidul fluorhidric) si bazelor; filtrele sunt stabile la temperaturi de pana la 900°C
Viteza de filtrare este mai mica de 5 secunde
Rata de retinere este de pana la 0,3 m
Greutatea este de 85g/m2
Nu contine agenti de legare
Se foloseste pentru analiza impuritatilor din aer, controlului de emisii, etc.

Nivelul tipic pentru urmele de elemente (ppm)
• Al: 300 ppm
• Ba: 10 ppm
• Ca: 250 ppm
• Cd: 0.002 ppm
• Co: <0.5 ppm
• Cr: 2 ppm
• Cu: 2 ppm
• Fe: 50
• Mg: 25
• Mn: 2
• Na: 100 ppm
• Ni: 2 ppm
• Pb: <1 ppm
• Sr: 3 ppm
• Ti: <1 ppm
• V: <5 ppm
• Zn: 6 ppm

• Analiza si filtrare emisiei fumului
• Filtrare si analiza gazelor de exhaustare si aerosoli
• Filtrare si analiza gazelor acide (cu exceptia HF)
• Filtrare si analiza particulelor de plumb suspendate in aer

Main Features
Quartz microfiber filters
Atmospheric controls of emission, immission and estudies of metals in the air
Filters made exclusively with pure quartz (Si O2) microfibers, free from any type of bonding agent or other substances
Subsequently treated thermally to achieve very low levels of heavy metals
Specially recommended in controls of emission in industrial smokestacks specially when a very pure filter is required or when the physical or chemical conditions of the gases are extreme: temperature higher than 500°C or stronger acid concentration (except HF)
It made two qualities, one standard and one more pure, heat-treated for minimal metal content:
Chemical stability: It have an excellent chemical stability against acidic gases such as SO2, HCl, SO3, SO4, NO, NO3, except HF. With hardly any loss of mass of the filter through possible chemical reactions
Thermal stability: It is resistant to operating temperatures up to 900°C
Permeability: Excellent behavior during the passing of significant volumes of gases, which makes it ideal for the use in high-volume detectors.
Retention of particles: The structure and the physical and chemical properties of quartz microfibers are such that these filters have a high level of retention of particles not only on the surface but also in the internal structure of the frame.

Control of emissions in industrial chimneys
Control of inmissions in high volume detectors
Gravimetric determinations on gases
Isokinetic probes