Aparate cu lampi bactericide / germicide si filtrare fortata »
Actiune radiatii UV-C: radiatii indirecta sigure si in prezenta persoanelor
Seria NBVE

Pret: la cerere

Livrare: din stoc sau 7 - 10 zile lucratoare

Certificat de conformitate

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Purificatoare filtrante cu radiatii UV-C directe si ventilatie fortata

Flow germicidal UV-C purifiers for surface and air filtering disinfection in the presence of staff and patients


Modele montare pe perete
Wall mount
Modele montare pe tavan
Ceiling mount
Modele montare pe suport mobil
On mobile stand
60W 110W 60W 110W
Nr. tuburi
Nr. of UV-C tubes
2xTUV30W 2xTUV55W 2xTUV30W 2xTUV55W
Area de acoperire
Cubage of desinfected
10-20 m2 45-90 m3 10-20 m2 45-90 m3
Aerul regenerat / tratat
Treating capacity
132 m3 / h 199 m3 / h 132 m3 / h 199 m3 / h
Counter / Timer x x da da
Afisaj digital
Digital display
x x da da
Duarata de functionare
Working time
8000 ore 8000 ore 8000 ore 8000 ore
Clasa protectie
Protection conformity
IP 20 IP 20 IP 20 IP 20
Power supply
230 V 50 Hz 230 V 50 Hz 230 V 50 Hz 230 V 50 Hz
Dimesiune /mm
Overall dimensions
1190 x 215 x 145 1190 x 215 x 145 1190 x 215 x 145 1190 x 215 x 145


Tip Radiatii: indirecta tip UV-C sigure si in prezenta persoanelor
Material carcasa: exterior din aliaj metalic antireflectant / interior din aluminiu reflectant
Sistem de prindere (Optional): montare pe tavan, pe perete, pe masa sau pe suport mobil cu rotile

Sterilizatoare bactericide cu radiatie indirecta emite flux indirect refrectat de radiatii la lungime de unda de 253.7 nm unde eficacitatea este maxima, distrugand irevocabil bacterii, virusi, mucegaiuri, fungi, si oricare alte microorganisme.
Radiatoarele UV sunt destinate in ridicarea si mentinerea nivelului de puritate microbiologica in salile de operatie, laboratoare, farmacii, in industria alimentara, cosmetica, farmaceutica, spitale, hale de productie, etc.

• dezinfectia aerului
• decontaminarea incaperi si suprafetei
• eliminarea bacteriile, ciupercile, mucegaiurile, fungi, mucegai si alge
Produs: UltraV / Philips - EU

Produsele sint insotite de Manual de Utilizare in limba romana si engleza, Certificat de Garantie, Declarație de Conformitate, Certificat ISO 9001 si 14001

Main Features
The use of energy-efficient UV-C flow germicidal lamps NBVE series is one of the most effective methods of air disinfection.
The modern design of NBVE series germicidal lamps ensures that harmful UV-C radiation cannot escape from the device, so the use of lamps during the stay of patients and staff on the premises is safe.
The devices emit UV-C radiation with a wavelength of 253.7 nm. This radiation has the strongest biocidal properties and irreversibly inactivates bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi and all other microorganisms.
Due to their high efficiency, the energy-saving bactericidal lamps NBVE series are used wherever sterility is required and the quality of service and safety of patients and staff depend on the microbiological purity.

Flow description Contaminated air is drawn by a fan through a filter catching dust and other contaminations into the disinfection chamber. The UV-C tube intensity and a time during which air remains in the disinfection chamber are selected so that air blown out from the lamp is practically free of microorganisms.
Velocity of air flow through the disinfection chamber is therefore selected as a compromise between a desire to disinfect the greatest volume of air per time unit and germicidal effectiveness.
It should also be noted that the forced flow of air results in a smooth circulation of air in the room and thus disinfection of air in the whole room.

Areas of application of germicidal lamps
Medicine: hospitals, operating theatres, treatment rooms
Sanatorium, guest houses
Pharmaceutical industry, herbal industry
Cosmetic industry
Agricultural and food industry (diaries, slaughterhouses, products packaging)
Stations, hotels, discoteques, cinemas
In all places where high level of biological purity is required and at the same time people have to stay there

Sterilization Efficiancy
lamp 15W on area to 6 m2
lamp 2x15W on area to 10 m2
lamp 30W on area to 12 m2
lamp 2x30W on area to 18 m2
In the room about alt . 2,5 to 3m. To get the clear effect of the disinfection of the air in the room we turn on the lamp from 2 to 8 hours. In dependence from destination of the room (the patient hall, medical study, surgical study, operating hall) the lamp (e.g. between two interventions) we turn on from 15 to 20 minutes.


Model Descriere Discrption
TUV 30W Tuburi germicide (rezerva) produs de Philips sau Osram , putere 30W, durata de viata 8000 h Philips or Osram 30W UV tube
TUV 55W Tuburi germicide (rezerva) produs de Philips sau Osram , putere 55W, durata de viata 8000 h Philips or Osram 55W UV tube
L-02 Contor digital programabil cu display LED pentru masurarea timpului de lucru cu semnal acustic la sfarsitul vietii tubului alarma acustica internal digital counter with display 4-field LED
LP 02 Contor digital programabil cu display LCD, posibilitate de programare la 2, 4 sau 8 ore de lucru, display digital, semnal acustic la sfarsitul vietii tubului Wall digital counter with programmer 1, 2, 3, 4 or 8 hours work time with 4 field LCD display
CL-02 monitor cu scanare IR a statusului cronometrului, arata timpul de lucru al lampii Remote Control for