Aparat de capturare si compararea culorii
ModelMultiTest 0.5-D

Aparat pentru capturarea si compararea culorii pantone

Pantone CAPSURE Color Matcher

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Caracteristici generale
Analizor culoarea peliculele Instrument folosit pentru capturarea si determinarea culorii peliculelor prin comparare cu etalonul de culoare; permit comparatii dintre o mostra de referinta si o mostra necunoscuta

Date tehnice
• Geometria de masurare si capturare: 45°/0° cea mai apropiata de imaginea creata de ochiul uman
• Sursa lumina: 25 de LED-uri tri-directionale(24 in VIZ si 1 UV)
• Timp de raspuns: 1.8 secunde
• Zona masurata: 2, 4 si 8 mm extractie automata a 4 colorii dominante
• Afisaj digital cu ecran Color TFT de 4.5cm
• Panou de control
• Repetabilitate: 0.2% conform DE94 de alb
• Interfata de conectare la PC si imprimanta: USB
• Microfon si mini difuzor integrat
• Alimentare: baterie reincarcabila via USB; 3.7V / 1200mAh Litium_Ion durata de viata a bateriei 100 ore operare continua
• Greutate: 165g
• Dimensiune: 144 x 52 x 44mm

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Main features
Stores up to 100 color captures
Toggles easily across multiple PANTONE Libraries
Synchronizes with popular design applications, including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and QuarkXPress
Automatically updates color libraries through CAPSURE Sync
Compact and lightweight – weighs just six ounces (with battery)
Annotates colors with a voice recording and time-and-date stamp
Large 1.75 inch-color viewing screen
Provides harmonious shades and identifies related colors
Powered by a lightweight rechargeable lithium battery
Saves time and money by efficiently matching virtually any surface to a PANTONE Color
Extracts, displays and matches up to four dominant colors from an intricate pattern
Allows you to create palettes of favorite shades or customize palettes for specific projects
Provides unsurpassed accuracy through advanced illumination and capture technology
Compensates for gloss and surface variations
Ensures color accuracy through real-time onscreen preview
Cross-matches any material or surface
Lasts for thousands of measurements on a single charge


tester opacitate

Reflectometru de Culori
Model Novo-Shade Duo

Reflectometru multifunctional / Opacimetru portabil pentru masurare gradul de opacitatea tente si nuante

Opacity & Shade Analyzer

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Caracteristici generale
Aparat multi-functional masoara tonurile nuantele; culorilor precum si opacitatea cat si gradul de curatenie al diverselor suprafete
Citiri in mod continuu pentru masurare suprafata mare fara intrerupere
Suprafata de masurare: 15 x 10mm / elipsa
Calibrare automata
Rezultate statistice Max, min, actuala, SD pentru controlului calitatii loturilor de produse
Analiza grafica
Afisaj digital cu ecran mare inclinat
Standarde: ISO 2814; ISO 6504; BS 3900-D4; ASTM E1347; ASTM D4214; ASTM D2805; ASTM D589-97

Date tehnie
Alimentare: baterie reincarcabila ion-litium ion, 17+ ore functionare continua, 20000+ citiri
Timp necesar reincarcare: 4 ore
Memorie: 8 MB = 999 masuratori, configurabil alfanumeric
Interfata conectare directa la PC: Bluetooth, USB
Rezolutie: 0.1
Repetabilitate: 0.2%
Reproductibilitate: 0.5%
Temperatura de operare: 15 - 40° C
Umiditate: 85%, fara condens
Dimensiune / Greutate: 65 x 140 x 50 (H x W x D) / 790g
Performanta de masurare
Grad de nuanta: 0% = negru (fara reflexie) pana la 100% = alb stralucitor (cu reflexie maxima)
Gradul de opacitate: 0% = transparent pana la 100% = opac complet
Gradul de Curat: 0 = nu se modifica pana 100% = se modifica complet

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Main features
Measures using the 0/45° geometry
Fast measurement, single button push initiates measures of defined parameters
Shade measurement displayed instantly on screen
Automatic calculation of opacity and cleanliness
On-board statistical analysis with graphical trend analysis (graphs available in shade mode only)
Direct data input via Bluetooth - instantly transmit measured readings directly to programs such as Microsoft Excel
Date and time stamped results
Automatic calibration with tile validation
Compatible with all major international standards



Spectrofotometru de Culori
Model Ci6x

Spectrofotometru portabil sfera integratoare pentru determinarea culorii

Portable Sphere Spectrophotometer

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Caracteristici generale
Fotocolorimetru portabil pentru determinarea culorii peliculelor de vopsea, granule pulberi si rasini plastice
se potriveste gama larga de sisteme de masurarea culorii; industria auto, industria maselor plastice, industria lemnului, vopselurilor si a textilelor.

Date tehnie
Masuratori geometrice: d/8°, DRS spectral, apertura fixa; Simultana SPIN / SPEX
Apertura optica: area masurata 8mm; suprafata iluminata 14mm sau area masurata 14mm / suprafata iluminata 20mm
Illuminare: A, C, D50, D65, F2, F7, F11 & F12
Suport de filtrare: NetProfiler; Embedded
Sursa de lumina: lampa tungsten
Observari standard: 2° si 10°
Receptor: fotodiode Blue-enhanced silicon
Domeniu Spectral: 400 — 700nm
Interval Spectral: 10nm — masurat 10nm — iesire
Stocare de date: 1,000 si 4,000 probe cu toleranta
Domeniu de masurare: 0 pana la 200% reflexie
Timp de masurare: aprox. 2 secunde
Parametri integrat:[√/X], Lab, YI1925, WI Taube, Deltaecmc, Deltalab, DeltaWI73, L*a*b*, Reflectance, WI98, MI, DeltaE00, Deltareflectance, DeltaWI Berger, L*C*h°, Munsell Notation, WI73, MI6172, DeltaE94, DeltaYI98, DeltaWI Hunter, XYZ, Gray Scale, WI Berger, Gloss, DeltaXYZ, DeltaYI73, DeltaWI Stensby, Yxy, YI98, WI Hunter, DeltaL*a*b*, DeltaYxy, DeltaYI1925, DeltaWI Taube, L*u*v*, YI73, WI Stensby, DeltaL*C*h°, DeltaL*u*v*, DeltaWI98, Averging, 555 Shade Sort, Verbal Difference, Power Management
Repetabilitate: 0.10 DeltaE*ab pe ceramica alba
Viata lampa: aprox. 500,000 masurari
Alimentare: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz, 12VDC @ 2.5A; adaptor AC; baterie Li-ion (reincarcabila aprox.4 ore); 7.4 VDC, 2400 mAh
Display: LCD color grafic, 3.2" backlit
Interfata: USB 2.0, Bluetooth*
Temperatura / umiditate de operare: 10° la 40°C / 85% umiditate max. fara condens
Greutate: 1 kg
Dimensiune: 10.9 cm 9.1 cm 21.3 cm)
Accesorii inclusi: Calibration standards Black trap, White & green standards, UV Calibration standard (Ci64UV), manual de operare , adaptor AC.

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Main features
A Versatile Package for a Wide Range of Color Applications
The many options within the product family give operations of all sizes the ability to build in a stable measurement system that delivers repeatable performance and increased product yield.
This makes the Ci6x Series a reliable solution for a wide range of industries and applications:
Commercial Coatings The need to meet specific color codes and regulations requires repeatable color measurement. The Ci6x Series provides the consistency demanded to ensure batch-to-batch color conformity.
Plastics Batch consistency—from raw material through finished product—often varies depending on material supplier and process conditions. The Ci6x Series can monitor the color impact of shifts in process variables, while X-Rite application software storing color data that can be shared among the supply network to ensure color accuracy.
Automotive Whether OEM interior, aftermarket parts, or second- and third-tier supplier components, color accuracy is an absolute must. The Ci6x system allows manufacturers at every level to achieve consistent readings. The ability to simultaneously measure SCI/SCE further enhances the quality control process.
Textiles While materials and fabrics may appear similar at first glance, those that contain optical brightening agents (OBA) may result in a much different look under varied lighting conditions. Available calibrated UV enhanced illumination controls the UV/visible balance, enabling long-term, consistent measurement of optically bright samples.
Home Furnishings Different materials—wood, paint, plastic, metal, fabric—and a wide variety of colors, make repeatable color conformance critical.
The Ci6x family is able to read a wide range of materials and provide a benchmark measurement that can be used at each step of the production or assembly process.

Accesorii optionale
- filtru NetProfiler
- dispozitiv de prindere
- Stand de masa


Tester de claritate si aspect
Model MicroWave Scan

Aparat control automat claritate si aspect efectul coaja de portocala

Orange-Peel Meter

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Caracteristici generale
Problemele si defecte care pot aparea in filmul de vopseaua sau de cerneala sunt aparitia bulelor, gaurilor, efectului de tip "coaja de portocala".
Pentru a evita astfel de efecte nedorite puteti folositi aparate de control de claritate si aspect de efectul coaja de portocala, aparate sunt disponibile in varianta portabila si stationara pentru procese industriale care permite controlul automat si la distanta a claritatii si aspectului de coaja de portocala prin montarea lui pe un sistem robotizat.

Date tehnie
Luciu cel mai redicat suprafatei: du < 40, domeniu liniar
Structura de spectru: du: < 0.1 mm / Wa: 0.1 – 0.3 mm / Wb: 0.3 – 1 mm / Wc: 1 – 3 mm / Wd: 3 – 10 mm
Lungime de scanare / Scara de masurare: 20 cm: du, Wa...Wd, L, S, DOI / 10 cm: du, Wa...Wd, L, S, DOI / 5 cm: du, Wa...Wd, L, S, DOI / 0 cm: du, Wa, Wb, DOI
Repetabilitate: 8% or > 0.8
Reproductibilitate: 12% or > 1.2
Curbura obiectul: radius > 300 mm
Marimea minima de proba: 25 mm x 40 mm
Suprafata masurata: 4 mm x scan length
Scan Length: 5 / 10 / 20 cm
Rezolutie: 375 points/cm
Memorie: 2000 readings
Interfata: serial RS 232
Sursa de lumina: Laser diode, LED
Clasa laser: < 1 mW (Laser class 2)
Dimensiune / Greutate: 70 x 120 x 40 mm / 250 g
Alimentare: baterie reincarcabila sau 2 bateri AA , aprox. 1000 de citiri
Conditii de operare: +10°C – 40°C / 85% la 35°C

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Main features
For flat and curved surfaces (radius larger than 30 cm) like bumper, gas tank door or motorcycle parts
Minimum sample size 25 x 40 mm
Classical LW, SW and customer specific scales
Structure spectrum to analyze appearance changes for optimization
Dullness and DOI measurement independent of the paint system
Easy scroll wheel operation and large, multilingual display
Scales and scan lengths can be selected from menu
Full statistics and data saving
Docking station for data transfer to the PC and recharging the batteries of the Orange Peel meter
smart-chart software for data analysis and documentation

Technical data
High Gloss Surfaces: du < 40, linear range
Structure Spectrum: du: < 0.1 mm / Wa: 0.1 – 0.3 mm / Wb: 0.3 – 1 mm / Wc: 1 – 3 mm / Wd: 3 – 10 mm
Scan length/ Measurement scales: 20 cm: du, Wa...Wd, L, S, DOI / 10 cm: du, Wa...Wd, L, S, DOI / 5 cm: du, Wa...Wd, L, S, DOI / 0 cm: du, Wa, Wb, DOI
Repeatability: 8% or > 0.8
Reproducibility: 12% or > 1.2
Object Curvature: radius > 300 mm
Min. Sample Size: 25 mm x 40 mm
Measurement Area: 4 mm x scan length
Scan Length: 5 / 10 / 20 cm
Resolution: 375 points/cm
Memory: 2000 readings
Interface: serial RS 232
Light Source: Laser diode, LED
Laser Energy: < 1 mW (Laser class 2)
Dimensions / Weight: 70 x 120 x 40 mm / 250 g
Power Supply: rechargeable battery pack or 2 AA batteries, approx. 1000 readings
Operating Temperature / Relative Humidity: +10°C – 40°C / 85% at 35°C



Tester marcajele rutiere
Model ZMM 5000

Aparat digital pentru testarea marcajele rutiere

Digital marking gauge

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Caracteristici generale
permite determinarea grosimii peliculelor umede, temperatura si umiditatea, cantitatea si continutul de materiale de pulverizare. conform standard EN 13197.

Date tehnie
• Domeniul de masurare: -12.5 mm la +12.5 mm
• Rezolutie: 10 µm (0.4 mil)
• Area de marcaj: min. 50 mm x 80 mm
• Dimensiune: 180 x 70 x 76 mm
• Greutate: 880 g
Setul include:
• 1 calibru pentru masurarea grosimea stratului umed de vopsea model ZND 2052
• 1 termometru cu sonda de insertie: - 10°C la 200°C
• 1 higrometru: 25% la 95% umiditate relativa
• 1 balanta digitala: capacitate 2000 g
• 1 lupa cu puterea de marire 6X
• calibru pentru masurarea grosimii marcajelor ZMP 5010
• geanta transport

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Main features
Unique precision marking gauge with digital display for the rapid determination of dry film thickness of road markings and similar coatings
Measurements relative to the substrate or to the marking itself are possible
Optional measuring bridge for measurements over the whole width of the marking for representative measurements on wide road markings as well as for profiling cross-sections
Digital display providing reliable measuring results within seconds
As an option, equipment for additional applications



Reflectometru marcajele rutiere
Model ZRM6014

Reflectometru pentru testarea vizibilitatii marcajele rutiere pe timp de zi si de noapte

Retroreflectometer for night & day visibility

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Caracteristici generale
Retroreflectometru mobil pentru determinarea gradul de vizibilitatii pe timp de noapte "RL" si de zi "Qd" marcajele si indicatoarele rutiere, masoara afiseaza si memoreaza temperatura si umiditatea relativa direct si independent de starea vremii sau momentul din zi, atat pe teren cat si in laborator. Conform standarde: ASTM E 1710 ASTM E 2177 ASTM E 2302 EN 1436

Date tehnice
• Distanta vizuala: 30 m, conf. geometriei-CEN
• Unghi de observare: EN 1436: 2.29°, ASTM E 1710: 1.05°
• Unghi de iluminare RL: EN 1436: 1.24°, ASTM E 1710: 88.76°
• Unghi de iluminare QD: prin difuzie
• Senzor adaptat de masurare: V(λ) • maner telescopic pliabil si roti fixe ce permit efectuarea de masuratori atat pe teren cat si in laborator
• Zona de masurare: 52 x 218 mm
• Domeniu de masura:
- RL: 0 la 4 000 mcd.m-2.lx-1
- Qd: 0 la 318 mcd.m-2.lx-1
• Grosime marcaje masurate: 5 mm pana la 12 mm
• Repetabilitate: ± 2%
• Reproductabilitate: ± 5%
• Timp de masurare: aprox.2 secunde (fara utilizarea camerei foto)
• Memorie interna: 1 GB; pana la 50,000 de valorii fara poze, cu posibilitate transfer la card de memorie sau PC
• Interfata conectare: USB (type A), Mini USB (type B), iesire pt. imprimare raport testare, optional bluetooth
• Display: ecran tactil (touch-screen) 5.7" color TFT (LCD), LED contrast, rezolutie VGA
• Alimentare: acumulator Li-Ion-Mn 14.8 V / 6.3 Ah, aprox. 3 saptamani/400 masurari zilnice
• Calibrare: recunostere automata a etalonului de calibrare;
• Auto-diagnoza: program de auto-diagnoza la calibrare ce arata devierile datorate deteriorarii sau murdaririi
• Temperatura de lucru: -10 la +50 °C
• Carcasa: aluminiu anodizat
• Dimensiune: 658.5 x 190 x 408.5 mm
• Greutate: 7.5 Kg
• Livrarea standard include: retroreflectometru cu ecran tactil, suport telescopic pliabil si roti, 1 etalon de calibrare, 1 acumulator + incarcator, 1 CD cu software pentru transferul de date si imprimare raport testare + cablu USB, sofware pentru cartografiere, certificat de calibrare emis de producator , geanta transport cu roti
• meniu de utilizare in limba romana

- Certificat de conformitate
- Certifcat de garantie si post garantie
:: Service autorizat pentru Romania » MultiLab

Main features
Portable handheld top class retroreflectometer for determination of night visibility (RL) and day visibility (Qd) for all types of road markings as well as ambient temperature (°C/°F) and relative humidity (rH %) combined in one compact instrument
5.7" high resolution colour touchscreen with excellent visibility under all lighting conditions
Fold-away telescopic handle and wheels for the first time included in the standard delivery of a retrometer for easy field and laboratory operation
Ultrafast retroreflection measurement (RL and Qd) in about 2 seconds
Innovative options to customize the reflectometer to personal requirements. World first camera in the perspective of the measuring geometry, compass and level-meter, GPS unit and various printer versions
The ZRM 6014 Retroreflectometer is in accordance with EN 1436 (RL/Qd), ASTM E1710 (RL), ASTM E2302 (Qd) ASTM E2177 (RL wet)
Factory calibration with a calibration standard traceable to the independent accreditation body METAS, Switzerland
Approved by the accredited association StrAus-Zert, Germany (test No. 0913-2010-06)

• Sistem GPS, ACC 543 – arata pozitiei geografice in care se face masuratoarea
• Busola si nivel-metru, pentru pozitionarea si orientarea aparatului si panta drumului pe care se afla marcajul masurat
• Camera foto digitala pentru ariei masurate
• Interfata bluetooth pentru transferul datelor la PC fara cablu
• Imprimanta termica incorporata sau portabila
• Convertor 12V/230V, pt. alimentare la acumulator sau la bricheta autoturism
• Etalon de calibrare secundar pentru benzi marcaj rutier, cu certificat emis de producator
• Intretinere si re-calibrare aparat, (la sediul producatorului)
NB. Se pot achizitiona odata cu aparatul nu si ulterior


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