Centrifuga Extractie Bitum

Centrifuga de extractie cantitativa mixturi bituminoase si asfaltice

Quantative Extraction Asphalt & Bitumens Centrifuges :: Model ML-30 si ML-15

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Livrare: 10 - 14 zile lucratoare

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Centrifuga de extractie de bitum construita si configurata special pentru determinarea cantitativa de mixturi asfaltice, bitum precum si bitum în amestecuri bituminoase de pavaj; disponibila cu capacitate de 1500 g si 3000 g.
Prevazuta cu sistem de protectie pentru protejarea operatorul
Domeniu de aplicare
• Pentru determinarea cantitativa si a procentajului de bitum din mixturile bituminoase
• Pentru verificare a reţelei de mixturi asfaltice

• 2 modele disponibile cu capacitate de extractie 1500 g. si 3000 g.
• Construite conform aplicatii standard EN 12697-1; ASTM D2172;AASHTO T164
• Capacitatea vasului de extractie: 1500 gr. respectiv 3000 gr.
• Viteza variabila cu controlor:
- pentru model cu capacitate de 1500g: 0 - 3600 rpm
- pentru model cu capacitate de 3000g: 0 - 2600 rpm
• Viteza de rotatie poate fi controlata prin intermediul unei comutator potentiometric
• Alimentare 230 V/ 50-60 Hz/1ph
• Dimensiune: 540 x 400 x 540 mm
• Greutate 35 kg

In conformitate cu metodele de analiza si cu prevederile:
• Standarde / Metode:
EN 12697-1;ASTM D2172;AASHTO T164

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ASTM and AASHTO specify various test methods for the recovery of bitumen from bituminous mixtures.
Bitumen is extracted using specified solvents and the bitumen content calculated by difference.

Technical Data
Designed for the determination of the filler content of bituminous conglomerates.
Made in steel, sheet provided with four adjustable rubber feet serving to absorb the vibrations due tounbalanced loads.
The electric motor and the electronic controls are incorporated in the structure.
A driving shaft allows the rotation of the centrifuge container joint with the filter and cover.
The discharge is made through the pipe of the bottom bell.
The control panel is fitted with the main ON/OFF switch a potentiometer for the adjustment of speed and start/stop and brake switches.
Capacity of the basket Model ML-30: 3000 gr.
Capacity of the basket Model ML-15: 1500 gr.
Power supply: 220 V. 50/60 Hz.
Dimensions: 540 x 400 x 540 mm.
Weight: 35 kg.

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